What is Summon?

Summon helps you find articles, books and more with a single search. Try it now (currently working best with Chrome, Firefox or Safari):

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Summon searches everything in the library catalogue (books, ebooks, journal titles, games, music, videos, government information, maps, and more!), almost all of the articles and other sources in the databases that we subscribe to, plus research by Carleton faculty, staff and students found in our institutional repository, CURVE.

But, sadly, Summon doesn't search everything that the library owns or subscribes to so you may still need to search our other resources to find everything that you need. Summon also doesn't let you do sophisticated searches that you may be used to doing in specific databases or the library catalogue.


When should I use Summon?

I want to... Use this Why?
Search for articles and/or books on a topic Summon Summon searches a wide range of sources and will bring you books, articles and other useful resources on your topic.
Get started on an interdisciplinary topic Summon Summon will find resources from databases covering many topics, so can be much more efficient than searching several databases.
Narrow a topic down Summon Summon lets you narrow down your search by subject or discipline, using facets on the left side. Each facet shows you how many results you'll get if you select it, so you can see in advance if you're narrowing your topic down to only 2 or 3 items.
Search for a specific book, video, journal title, game, etc. Library catalogue The library catalogue lets you do more specific searches and has up-to-date information about whether items are in the library or checked out. This information in Summon may be a few hours old.
Renew my library books Library catalogue You can only access your library account through the library catalogue, not through Summon.
Use specific search options available in a database Specific database Summon doesn't let you search by specific fields like methodology, NAICS code, jurisdiction, etc. so you need to go directly to a specialized database to do that kind of a search.

Help with Summon

If you need help or have questions about using Summon, please contact the Research Help Desk.


We welcome your feedback about Summon. Please use our feedback form.