The MacOdrum Library provides a statistical consulting service to help students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty and other researchers in the Carleton University community with their questions regarding quantitative data. This includes questions about various statistical analysis procedures, as well as helping people decide the best means to complete their own projects or research. Our consultants are skilled in SPSS and Stata but also have some knowledge of Excel and SAS. 

Statistical consulting will resume at the end of September 2016.

For additional information please  call 613.520.2600 ext. 1121 or email us at 

To access SPSS and Stata on the university computers simply type in SPSS or Stata in the search box on the Windows Start menu to find the software. 

The Stata software is available for free download to Faculty, Staff and Students  through the collaborative efforts of the Faculty of Public Affairs (FPA) and Computing and Communication Services (CCS). Please direct enquires about the Stata initiative to CCS Service Desk. The software can be accessed for on-campus or home use by:

  • Direct Download  (MC1 Credentials are required to login);
  • DVD (contact Hardware Services); or
  • Contact the CCS Service Desk (or call 613-520-3700) for access via the SCCM Service Centre (CUNET Domain), VDI service, or through VCL (Research).