We know that some students come to the library for a quiet place to study, while others need space to work on group projects. In response to student requests, we've designated study spaces to accommodate both.

  • Floor 1, 2, 4 – Quiet study
  • Floor 3, 5 – Silent Study
  • Library foyer on the main floor – conversational noise

Wherever you are in the library, you can let us know about issues that prevent you from studying effectively. Send an email or text message to quiet@library.carleton.ca or use the form below. We will send someone to respond right away.

Quiet Study Areas

Floors 1, 2, and 4 provide quiet space for readers and students. You're permitted to talk at a very low level as long as it's kept to a minimum.

Silent Study Areas

Floors 3 and 5 offer silent, individual study spaces for readers and students who need to concentrate. Talking is not permitted, and neither are audible personal audio devices. Please move to the stairwell for even short conversations.

Common Areas

The common areas on floor 2 include the Library Services Desk, Research Help Desk, Library service points, and Page Break. Conversational noise is allowed in common areas but shouldn't interfere with nearby Quiet Areas.

Group Study Areas

On floor 4, the Library has 9 Group Study Rooms with tables, power outlets, and whiteboards. Please keep conversation at a modest level. Group study rooms are not soundproof and are surrounded by Quiet Study Areas.

Cell Phones and Electronic Devices

Please set cell phones to ring silently when you enter the library. You're permitted to use cell phones only in stairwells and group study rooms. Silent texting is allowed throughout the library. Computers and audio devices should be used with headphones and at low volume.

Quiet, Please!

Please provide enough detail that we can find the specific area (e.g. 3rd floor near the spiral staircase) or the specific person (woman in the black shirt and orange scarf).

You don't have to include your name and email, but if you do, we can contact you if we do need more information to help resolve the problem.

Contact Information