Loan Periods

Material Loan Period
Library books 2 hour, 4 hour, 24 hours or 5 days
Instructor's personal books 2 or 4 hours
Audiovisual materials 2 or 4 hours

If a book is placed on reserve for multiple courses the shortest time period requested will apply.

Submission Deadlines

Requests submitted before the following dates will be ready in time for the first week of class:

Fall term: August 10
Winter term: December 10
Spring/Summer term: April 10

Every effort will be made after these dates to have material available within the first two weeks of classes. We welcome reserve requests throughout the term.

Processing Time

At the beginning of each term: 7-10 days
At other times of the year: 1-2 days

Processing time depends on the availability of the material.  Contact the Library Reserves for rush requests.