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HLTH2001 Library Workshop Activities

Library Workshop Assignment

Assignment Details:

Research Question: Does vaccination during pregnancy reduce the incidence of whooping cough?

  1. Identify the PICO terms in the above question
  2. Find two sources that answer the above question
    • One research article (primary)
    • One review article (secondary)
  3. Write out the citation elements for each of the articles
  4. Write a reflection on identifying and evaluating the articles
  5. Write a reflection on searching for the articles

Consider the following questions in your reflections:

  • Article identification and evaluation:
    • How do you know the articles are a research or review article?  What indicators or clues are there?    
    • Do these papers help answer the question?  
    • Are these papers too complex to use without reference (tertiary) sources?   
    • Was it difficult to figure out the citation elements?
  • Search process:
    • Was it difficult to identify the PICO terms?  Why or why not?
    • Did you use the PICO terms for your search?
    • Did you find all the PICO terms useful in your search? Why or why not?
    • Was it difficult to find the articles?  Why or why not?  

Marking Rubric

Assignment Submission:

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