Finding Newspaper Articles

Newspaper subscriptions can be found in the Library catalogue.   Here are a few that have print subscriptions:

For each paper, scroll down below the online subscription options to find what we have in print, and the latest issue received.  The latest issue should be in the newspaper reading area on the second (main) floor.  Older recent issues are stored on the third floor.

Although the web versions of newspapers often do not provide the entire article online, the complete text to articles should be available through two of our full text newspaper sources: Lexis-Nexis and Canadian NewsStand.  Check our "find newspapers" guide for more information.

Obtaining Copies of the Print News Articles

There are photocopiers and a scanner in the Copy Centre on the first floor of the Library.  Please do not damage our print resources -- they are a resource to be shared -- in fact, it is an academic offense to do so!

Alternative News Sources

You have been provided with good links in your assignment instructions.  If you would like to search more, try these sources: