Location is Everything!

Course Instructor: 

Susan Tudin

Welcome to the course website for the Enriched Mini-Course Location is Everything! offered through MacOdrum Library.

Location is linked to almost everything in today’s world and can be interpreted in many interesting ways. Your location for this mini course will be the new Discovery Centre in the MacOdrum Library. It is a space equipped with state-of-the-art technology like 3-D printers, a gaming lab, and a multi-media learning lab, all situated in an ergonomic setting. It will be our base camp to explore things like gaming, virtual reality, headline news, geographical destinations, geocaching with GPS, headstone history, rare books, human books, the campus community and more! Your discovery leaders for the week will be a group of dedicated library staff, students and faculty.

See the locations our students have come from this week: EMCP Schools Map

See photos taken through the week of the course: Location is Everything Flickr Album

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