Understanding Media Relations

Search Strategies for Database Searching

  • Boolean Operators
    • AND - impact AND environment
    • OR - "oil sands" OR oilsands
  • Quotes
    • to find phrases - "climate change"
  • Truncation
    • develop* - will find develop, developing, development, etc.
  • Example:
    • develop* AND ("oil sands" OR oilsands) AND "climate change"

News Databases (Boolean Operators)

  • Canadian Newsstand Complete
    • Best source of Canadian Newspapers
  • Eureka.cc
    • Canadian French-language and Aboriginal publications
  • Factiva
    • International coverage with excellent search features
  • PressReader
    • (Current) full-image international newspapers
    • Will contain photos, graphics, and other content not available in text-only databases

Other News Sources

Magazines and Trade Journals (Boolean Operators)

From your list of results, isolate source type by magazines and/or trade journals/publications


Targeted Google search

  • site: - limits your search to a specific site
    • site:alberta.ca
  • filetype: - limits your search to a specific file type
    • filetype:pdf
  • OR - ensure it is capitalized
    • oil OR petroleum
  • quote marks for phrases
    • "government of alberta"
  • For example:
    • site:alberta.ca filetype:pdf oil OR petroleum

Google News

  • Create account (or use an existing Gmail account) and choose specific topics and/or publications to follow

Google Alerts

  • Receive email alerts of newly-created web content, based on key words or phrases