The catalogue holds information about all the resources we have in the Library, and all the resources for which we have electrionic subscriptions worldwide.  Your course guide refers to books that we have; search for them using a title search.

Author Searching

Alternatively, you may be interested in other books BY these authors:

Subject Headings

The Library also holds information ABOUT these authors, which can be identified through a subject heading search:

Other subject headings exist for topics related to Anthropology, symbols, initiation rituals, etc.  Consider:

To find other resources, use the bibliographies or reference lists from the resources that are mentioned in class or on the course outline, or try keyword searches.

Keyword Searching

Join concepts together using AND and OR.

Use AND when the concepts are not related such as religion AND society. This narrows the search as both of those words must be in the information that is being returned.

Use OR when the concepts are similar, and it does not matter which word is found in the information that is being returned. For instance, religion OR theology. This broadens the search.

Use truncation when you want to allow for several spellings or variations on a word. For instance, anthropolog* can stand for anthropology, anthropologist, anthropological.

If you have a multi-word expression, search it as a phrase by enclosing it in double quotation marks.  For instance, "anthropological linguistics".  This focuses the search.

For more advanced ways of using keywords (fielded searches, proximity searches), check the help pages of specific databases or the library catalogue.